Namasté you beautiful soul!


Thank you for visiting my blog, it truly means the world to me to be to be able to share my deepest thoughts and my visions with you all!

I truly believe that everyone has a special gift, a most intimate talent to offer to the world. In cultivating this gift and sharing it with the world, you are showing the most authentic parts of yourself and initiate healing in yourself and others. I believe that the world longs for just this- people getting real with themselves and sharing what it is their hearts care most about. In the end, the people inclined with their own strengths, vision and passion will change and heal this world.

I am still very much at the beginning of this journey and am learning every day.

But what I know is this: my heart gets big of joy and contentment when I am creating- when I am completly losing track of time writing from my soul or painting mystical pictures with my brushes. This is what fuels me and makes me feel most like myself. This blog is going to be dedicated to exactly this: to create a space for myself to share my passions with you and hopefully ignite a spark of loving self-awareness within.

I hope in me following my hearts desires, I can inspire you to do the same.

(Because you are truly gifted and have a unique story to tell. Give yourself the time and space to bloom! You will not be disappointed.)


Lets do this together!

I send u all my love!

Nina x