An ode to the feminine



An ode to the feminine


I love woman, I love how masculine and feminine energies are complimenting each in the most complex and divine ways and I love the qualities of the feminine.

(like intuition, sensitivity, vulnerability, empathy, creativity and sensuality)

But for a long time I didn't.                              


"Being a Warrior Goddess means being comfortable with both your power and your vulnerability, knowing they are both strenght."   Heather Ash Amara


Growing up I hated how sensitive I was, that I cry so easily and feel things so deeply. That I could absorb others feelings and emotions effortlessly and would sometimes mistake them for my own.

Over time, I learned to accept these traits and understood that they made me who I am. I slowly changed my perspective and saw them as a gift. I realised that my life was richer because of them, that I could experience the subtleties of life and can truly relate to others. 

I now appreciate my sensitivity, my softness, my deep intuition and introspectiveness and my big swirl of emotions that surface throughout my day.

Every woman is different and super complex. There's not only one pole, not only feminine energies in us, but masculine as well. How they intervene and compliment each other is so individual and different as there are humans on this planet.

My hope is that we as humans and also as a society would learn to appreciate truly honor the feminine and all that comes with it. It is time for woman to rise up, to reclaim their power and to stand in their own individual truth and strength.

Because softness is no weakness, as are empathy, passion or the ability to just be, without reason or focus. To be creative and expressive and truly inclined and mindful about ones emotions. To nurture, to grow and to love one another.

There has been a suppression of the feminine traits for too long. By degrading and belittling feminine traits we are degrading ourselves too, as we are both.

Lets compliment and support each other. Because together we are more full.


When was the last time did something creative?

When was the last time you did something just because you wanted to, without it being reasonable?

Are you in touch with your intuition?

When was the last time you cried ? (its totally okay to do so)


You are totally radiant, beautiful and magnificent even or most important when you don't feel you are. Reclaim yourself. Don't put shame towards a certain trait or part of yourself because society tells you to.

Be, and be without reason. You don't have to understand yourself or fit into a specific mold. Express and own yourself. There is nothing that is wrong about you.

#letsrise #youareenough #womeninpower


Feminine qualities

Emotional, Empathy, Flow, Nurturing, Radiance, Patience, Sensuality, Intuition, Expressive,


Masculine qualities

Logic, Reason, Action, Focus, Stability, Discipline, Awareness, Loyal, Adventurous